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DDDEX Pricing Structure!

All Rates are Monthly!
Sample Pricing shown below
5 consumersFREE
6 consumers$132.80
10 consumers$138.40
20 consumers$153.00
50 consumers$195.00
60 consumers$209.00
70 consumers$223.00
100 consumers$265.00
150 consumers$335.00
200 consumers$405.00
250 consumers$475.00
300 consumers$545.00
350 consumers$615.00
400 consumers$685.00
450 consumers$755.00
500 consumers$825.00
Companies are charged the base rate ($125.00)and $1.40 per consumer. You are only charged for consumers that you provide services to for that month.
.Effective date Jan 1st 2019

Includes free integration for creating invoices and imports to the bookkeeping software of your choice!
Includes DTA / DTT / DTS ratio Calculator - make sure you are within Arizona DDD ratio guidelines for Day Training Services!
HCBS Provider Login for timesheet submission!
Consumer FaceSheets - have all consumer info only a click away!!